Supply Chain: The supply chain industry is fiercely competitive.

Pressured by end customers, shifting market forces, and manufacturers up and down the chain, suppliers must continually increase productivity and efficiency while reducing costs. These pressures impact every aspect of supply chain operations – from parts, materials, and equipment purchasing to production, distribution, and logistics. It’s a safe bet that every supply chain producer is constantly striving to trim every ounce of fat. Enterprise management technology continues to provide some of the most innovative, money-saving ways to do so.

Supply chain producers use enterprise information systems to:

  • Plan and collaborate with supply chain partners
  • Analyze and predict demand in both stable and volatile market conditions
  • Coordinate and control the flow of materials and supplies
  • Integrate systems across the partner network to ensure the flow of information
  • Manage inventory and production scheduling for JIT production
  • Manage manufacturing processes to increase productivity
  • Streamline logistics and distribution
  • Ensure long-term mutual benefit in customer and supplier relationships

Brandon Systems provides supply chain businesses with consulting, solutions, and services geared to their unique needs and challenges. Based on years of experience working with supply chain companies, we understand that a supply chain, no matter how complex, will ideally function as an interconnected, integrated whole. Thus, in supply chain environments, decisions about technology implementations affect not only the buyer-company but also its business partners and their relationship. Technology solutions must be as carefully planned and designed as the manufacturing process itself. Optimizing the supply chain is not simply about spending more on technology and gaining greater savings. It is a matter of understanding how every link in the chain affects the flow of ideas, information, and product.

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