Enterprise Consulting

Brandon Systems provides enterprise consulting services to clients in healthcare, banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing, supply chain, and education.

Brandon Systems, leaders in enterprise technology

Leaders in enterprise technology for nearly forty years, our team of seasoned professionals brings industry insight, management experience, and technology expertise to every customer engagement. Our mission is to provide you with a new perspective on solutions that will drive operational excellence, competitive advantage, profitability, and growth.

We start our engagements working closely with you, our customer, to understand your business, from goals and strategy to markets, personnel, processes, technology systems, and budgets. We then work with you to define business objectives and design technology solutions to meet those objectives – improve process efficiency and workforce productivity, build and sustain relationships with partners and customers, strengthen market positions, increase agility to respond to volatile markets, reduce business costs, and grow revenue.

Depending on your needs, our solutions range from a single application addressing a tactical need to enterprise-wide solutions combining leading business applications with Brandon Systems’ custom development. Our Web, mobile, and cloud solutions can place you in the vanguard of business innovation.

Brandon Systems’ enterprise consulting services include:

Strategic business assessment and planning
Business process efficiency analysis
Master technology planning

IT architecture design
Financial analysis and budgeting
Technology division staffing assessment and/or reorganization
RFP preparation or evaluation

ERP Consulting

Enterprise Resource Planning solutions (ERP) are single systems that consolidate the variety of information systems across an entire organization and beyond it to suppliers, distributors, and customers. These systems include finance/accounting, manufacturing, procurement, distribution, supply chain management, sales and service, CRM, and others. Using ERP to manage their myriad processes on a single platform, organizations are able to achieve the highest possible levels of data management efficiency, productivity, visibility, and insight. However, ERP systems are known for their complexity, and the steep implementation/learning curve often requires services support from professionals experienced with these powerful solutions.

Brandon Systems’ ERP Consulting practice provides customer organizations with strategic guidance on the strategy, planning, and implementation of ERP systems. Assisted by Brandon Systems’ ERP team, enterprises implement and learn to use their ERP systems more rapidly, with less impact on resources and productivity, and accelerated returns on ERP investments.

CRM Consulting

With the advent of interactive communication technologies, eBusiness, eCommerce, and cloud-based sales and marketing solutions, the volume and value of customer information has exploded. Where organizations once made marketing decisions based solely on broad-stroke demographic information, they can now utilize detailed data generated at the most granular levels by every customer search term, mouse click, and contact.

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions take full advantage of the customer information revolution, delivering insight and intelligence based on every exchange in the ongoing customer conversation. With CRM systems tracking every action and interaction, it is customers themselves who educate organizations about the products and experiences they want and how they want them delivered. Organizations use CRM systems to shape more effective marketing strategies, improve customer service, increase customer loyalty, and expand markets through networks of friends and family.

Brandon Systems’ CRM Consulting service has provided CRM solutions in many industries. Our CRM team is ready to assist with planning and to guide you in strategies to understand customer behavior through an entire history of interactions across multiple media (call center, IVR  units, fax, Web, email, social media, etc.), create the self-service portals and interfaces that today’s customers expect, and personalize customer services based on actual customer-provided intelligence.

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