Financial: Financial services providers face IT challenges unique to their industry.

At banks and other financial institutions, IT infrastructure typically extends from the enterprise data center to a customer’s iPhone with an investment app. Between these extremes, there is often an accumulation of disparate systems and technologies – enterprise applications and databases, legacy systems, modern client devices of every kind, interactive Web sites, call center systems for customer service, CRM applications to manage customer interactions, and business intelligence systems to understand all the data. This infrastructure complexity creates additional need for application modernization and system integration. Then there are demands to handle tremendous volumes of transactions for very large numbers of customers, regulatory compliance requirements, and the absolute need for ironclad security.

Brandon Systems has been meeting the technology needs of banks and financial services providers for nearly forty years with consulting, services, and solutions that enable these customers to do more than ever before:

  • Manage business operations and streamline processes with the most advanced financial data systems and applications
  • Process the highest transaction volumes using the most powerful banking systems available
  • Deliver innovative eBusiness solutions providing dynamic, secure, managed access to backend banking systems
  • Integrate siloed systems to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Modernize legacy applications to meet evolving user needs and improve returns on trusted system investments
  • Enable customer self-service through the most advanced Web interfaces
  • Provide employees and customers with access from any client device – desktops, laptops, tablet computers, iPhones and Android phones
  • Gather, store, present, and analyze vast repositories of customer-generated data for marketing and business analytics
  • Compete successfully in an ever-expanding marketplace

Customer service, staff productivity, process efficiency, data-driven insight – whatever goals a financial services provider might have, Brandon has the right mix of experience, expertise, and technology to reach them. Contact us today to learn more.