eBusiness Solutions

At Brandon Systems, we understand that while your products and services may not be digital, your business operations are – or certainly should be. If you collaborate with business partners or sell to customers via the Internet, you are in the business of eBusiness. The key question is how you manage the “e” side of your business.

eBusiness and eCommerce

Like the eBusiness concept, the eBusiness solutions we provide embrace your organization’s entire value chain – communication with and procurement from suppliers, your production of goods or provision of services, distribution and logistics, customer service and support, strategic marketing in collaboration with supply-chain partners, and ultimate tactical marketing and selling to customers.

Our enterprise consultants are ready to work with your executives and managers to analyze your business situation and markets, identify your eBusiness opportunities, and plan an eStrategy for long-term growth. Our business-technology experts will then work with your team to design solutions for any eBusiness need. These may leverage enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems from Oracle or SAP, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions from Salesforce, process management solutions from CA, and other solutions from top vendors. We then build your solutions and support your through deployment and ongoing operations.


The most familiar and potentially most profitable category of eBusiness is eCommerce – online selling and buying. While it fits under the eBusiness umbrella, eCommerce makes unique demands on the seller-company and its technology provider. Solutions typically include a virtual store with well-designed “storefront” website, deep content database with advanced search, financial transaction processing, database or data warehouse with business intelligence for customer-data-driven marketing, integration with other interaction channels such as email and social media, and advanced security systems to protect the most sensitive financial and personal information.

The Brandon team brings years of experience to the design and implementations of eCommerce solutions and the full set of technology components. As with our general eBusiness offerings, we work closely with our clients to understand their eCommerce situation and then architect and engineer a solution that delivers a superior experience and new market opportunities for them.

From eProcurement to eCommerce and every “e” in between, Brandon provides client-organizations with solutions that meet their online business needs. Contact us to learn where eBusiness can take you.