Mobile Applications

In today’s fast-changing business environment, enterprises need to facilitate anywhere/anytime access to a wide variety of business functions.

2019: Mobile Applications

As more employees, partners, and customers rely on mobile devices for business and pleasure, mobile applications designed to run on the latest tablet computers and smartphones provide new levels of on-the-go access and interaction. Healthcare professionals can access and update patient records at the office, hospital, or wherever they go. Traveling sales personnel can place orders from customer sites. Customers can shop your online store on mobile devices from anywhere across the globe.

Brandon Systems develops and delivers mobile applications that enable enterprises to overcome constraints of time and place and do business everywhere. Our solution architects and engineers are experts in mobile application design, standards-based integration with backend systems, and all mobile browsers and device types, from iPads and iPhones to Android devices, BlackBerrys, and more. Most important, we have decades of experience in enterprise computing, from both the business and technology perspectives, and can guide clients to mobile strategies and solutions that will meet their specific business needs.

Just as mobile devices provide your employees and customers with new levels of access and freedom, the mobile revolution creates new opportunities for organizations like yours. With a strong mobile strategy, you can boost efficiency and productivity, keep satisfied customers coming back for more, generate entirely new business, and ensure that your organization has the agility to compete for years to come.

When you need to “mobilize” your business, Brandon knows what to do and how to do it. Contact us to learn more about doing business anywhere and anytime via mobile strategies and applications.