Enterprise Workflow

Enterprise workflow applications enable organizations to automate and optimize business processes. By doing so, they streamline process execution, accelerate production of deliverables, automate interoperation with other business systems, reduce demand for human intervention and oversight, lower costs, and improve the bottom line.

For example, a parts order at a manufacturing facility might begin when a warehouse worker records a low stock level and end when a procurement specialist submits an order to a supplier. Between these end points many other steps require the involvement of employees responsible for inventory management, accounting, data-entry, departmental administration, and management reporting. By automating the process workflow, the manufacturer can replace these slow person-to-person exchanges with rapid software-driven automation.

Brandon Systems’ ClearVue Enterprise Workflow System

Brandon Systems provides enterprise workflow applications to manage businesses processes of any type or scope. In the majority of cases, we recommend our own ClearVue Enterprise Workflow System, a complete enterprise workflow package developed by Brandon Systems’ own enterprise architects and software engineers. ClearVue Workflow is a Microsoft .NET development and runtime application that includes:

  • Intuitive graphical design environment where even non-technical staff can design process flows using easy visual modeling tools
  • Runtime engine to execute flows
  • Standards-based integration with other information systems to launch sub-processes
  • Event-driven messaging to prompt persons or departments when human input is required
  • Reporting  capabilities with single-process and batch capabilities
  • Integration with data warehousing and business intelligence systems for advanced analytics

Depending on the customer’s business environment and technology infrastructure, Brandon Systems engineers will customize workflow applications and develop specialized interfaces to machine-based operating systems that drive physical production processes.

Brandon Systems’ ClearVue Workflow System enables automation of almost any business process – accounts receivable and payable at a health insurance company, parts distribution to a factory floor, progress reporting at department of education, and a great many others. Our ClearVue System helps organizations optimize operations, boost user/customer productivity and satisfaction, and improve business performance at the department, division, and corporate level.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your workflow systems needs.