Cloud Services & Infrastructure

Brandon Systems built its reputation delivering networking and infrastructure services to clients in many industries, and our infrastructure solutions continue to provide a solid foundation for many customers. At the same time, we have kept pace with innovations in networking and infrastructure and now offer the very latest in Internet and cloud computing solutions and services.

Cloud Services

Cloud services have changed the price point and accessibility of everything from infrastructure to deep machine learning, revolutionizing how business gets done. Brandon can help you find what’s right for you, capture the value, and avoid potential risks. Staying current, knowing what works, and what doesn’t, what’s leading edge vs. bleeding edge allows us to help our clients navigate the cloud landscape.

While you may maintain hardware and software in house for some time to come, now is the time to begin moving or planning your move to the cloud. The opportunities and benefits are significant:

  • Shrink internal IT. By offloading IT services to cloud providers, organizations can reduce the scope and size of their IT operation. Cloud providers can take on nearly every aspect of IT – from infrastructure, hardware, and the full range of business software to installation, maintenance, upgrades, and other services. As this occurs, they can also meet many staffing needs – with a broader and deeper pool of experts.
  • Reduce the cost of IT. Cloud providers achieve economies of scale that only the very largest enterprises in the world can equal, and this is true for every aspect of IT, from software programs to people. The savings they achieve are passed on as savings for you.
  • Optimize IT performance and business agility. Cloud solutions have other advantages of scale that make IT more efficient and more responsive to the demands of user organizations. Cloud providers can more readily manage updates, upgrades, and technology change. They can offer unparalleled performance, scalability, reliability, and service. Ultimately they can enable customers to make smarter IT decisions and stay in the forefront of business technology transformation.

Brandon Systems is a cloud services provider. We are ready to assist you in gaining cloud benefits for your organization. We offer both hosted services as well as assistance in implementing solutions from other providers such as Salesforce. Brandon Systems’ services include: 

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – processing capacity, disk space, networking, firewalls, and other infrastructure services provided from the virtualized servers in the Brandon Systems data center.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – hosted operating systems, web servers, data systems, and many other platform-related tools and technologies.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – from business intelligence, ERP, and any other enterprise application to office productivity suites – running on our servers and accessible from client devices in your offices, remote locations, and mobile devices anywhere.

Our cloud services are available to both customer organizations and other cloud providers. Highly trained Brandon Systems technicians monitor our secure environment 24/7/365.

Infrastructure and Networking

Even as we help companies manage the transition to the cloud, we continue to provide traditional infrastructure and networking services – hardware, platforms, wired and wireless networking, intranet, extranet, and more – to those who wish to maintain IT internally.

Our cloud and infrastructure services team is fully prepared to assist your organization with assessment, strategy, design, setup, and end-to-end implementation. Our technicians are certified and trained by recognized leaders in the industry. Our goal at all times – with cloud or traditional infrastructure services – is to make your business more efficient, more agile, and at a lower total cost of ownership.

Contact Brandon Systems to gain the benefits of cloud services and more efficient infrastructure.