Healthcare: Quality patient care is the first goal of healthcare providers and their partner organizations.

Vital to achieving this goal is complete, accurate, actionable information. Physicians who can access health records, submit ePrescriptions, and consult with colleagues from a mobile device are able to treat patients more effectively and knowledgeably. Hospital or health network staff with inventory information at their fingertips can readily maintain critical levels of equipment and supplies. Insurance providers and other payers with real-time access to patient and procedure data can work with medical facilities and care recipients to accelerate billing and payment cycles.

Brandon Systems provides comprehensive technology solutions

Brandon Systems provides comprehensive technology solutions for the healthcare industry that improve information access, information-driven operational processes, and management of health-related business. Brandon customers include hospitals and medical centers, health care networks, physicians’ groups, research facilities, health care payers, and others.

Our services begin with management consulting based on deep industry knowledge and technology expertise. We work closely with customers to analyze their business and technology requirements. We then design solutions to meet their unique needs and make their health care operations more efficient, effective, and economical. Solutions may combine packaged hardware and software as well as custom development, deployment, and training.

With Brandon solutions attuned to their business needs, our customers in the health care industry:

  • Ensure visibility into all clinical and business information
  • Aggregate and integrate data from disparate systems within and beyond the enterprise
  • Optimize the flow of information to users anywhere – on site, remote, or mobile
  • Implement comprehensive health information exchanges (HIE)
  • Streamline information-driven processes and improve staff productivity
  • Manage health information and data to improve business processes, manage resources, and reduce operating costs
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with HIPAA, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, ICD-10 classification, EHR/EMR, and EHR meaningful use criteria
  • Improve health information analytics and business intelligence
  • Improve business planning and management
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of technology solutions
  • Improve patient care

Contact us at Brandon Systems to ensure that your health information systems are Web- and mobile-enabled, collaboration-ready, fully integrated, and powered by the technology industry’s most powerful data systems and applications.