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In order to improve outcomes and ensure that the highest level of safety is maintained for the patient, our client needed to build out a Patient Safety Organization (PSO).

This ensured that all adverse events are reviewed in a “safe table” and can only be used to improve overall patient care.

Given that this client has many sites across the country, it was critical to have an integrated web based system that could be accessible for any providers from anywhere.

The cases need to be reviewed by site managers and also reviewed by our client’s PSO team members. The system must track and audit all of these reviews as they progress through the workflow.



Our client assembled a clinical team responsible for building out the PSO and determining the requirements for the system. At the core of the system are a series of data entry screens, role based access, workflows, and reports. Decisions was chosen as the platform for rapid development of the features.

Brandon Systems was selected as the vendor and built out the system. Through a number of requirements meetings with the clinical team, Brandon captured the data fields, workflows and reports needed. Additionally, integration with the client’s back-end provider and CRM data was needed to enforce the role-based security. Providers are able to submit clinical reviews through the web based system and as data gets further collected they can fill in those details. Once all data is collected they can finalize the review which then routes it for primary review. The primary review is typically performed by the manager of the facility and then secondary reviews are performed by the centralized team.

As a result of the primary review a series of recommendations may be noted on the review to improve outcomes of future cases. These may include things like additional training or changes to the facility to improve safety.


This solution has given the customer visibility into a process that was handled very manually and through disparate processes at each location. This has significantly streamlined the process but even more importantly has improved patient safety. Events that had previously not been tracked through to remediation are now followed through the system to completion. The PSO is also able to demonstrate a much higher level of security compliance than ever before.

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